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George Washington - The Best President?

George Washington - The Best President?

George Washington was the first president of the United States Of America and considered among the best.


George Washington can be a person in many areas. As the first president of the United States, he set the course upon which the current three-branch system of federal government is based. George Washington is probably the main one person who can most claim the title of Founding Father.


George Washington was born o-n February 2-2, 1732 in Virginia. H-e was the son of well off plantation owner and spent his you-in relative comfort. All through his childhood, the British Empire led the 1-3 colonies. Despite what you might assume, he was scarcely a revolutionary and his stated goal was to become an officer in the British Army! Demonstrably, that purpose never came to fruition.


H-e became an expert surveyor of land, as George Washington grew into adulthood. He worked in what was then named the American West and obtained huge tracts of land with other family members. He sooner or later owned more than 56 thousand miles.


In 1752, George Washington joined the Virginia militia. He quickly became an official and played a pivotal component in the French and Indian War. The French had moved to the Ohio Valley, which aggravated the British to no end. Washington was handed the task of showing the French to leave the territory. Washington proposed a fort be constructed, If they refused and his superiors agreed.


Because the fort was being created, Washington was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and given the job of protecting it. Leading 159 men, h-e was successful in small skirmishes. Instead of being promoted to an official position in the British Army, he was told no colonial can attain the position. Nasty, Washington resigned and the tide was turned by the French.


Eager to change the tide, the British Governor of Virginia re-instated George Washington by appointing him Commander of all of the Colonial forces. Within 3 years, the French were beaten and Washington was famous. He married Martha Curtis in 1959, but they never had any children.


By the 1760s, George Washington had retired from the military and entered politics. He was a part of the Virginia legislature and a significant critic of the British. In 1770, Washington began advocating strong resistance to British rule.


In 1775, the cities formed a Continental Congress to address the conflict with the British. George Washington was chosen Commander of colonial forces. War had already broken out in Massachusetts. Washington and his troops soon joined and the British were defeated in Boston in 1776. By summer, but, the British has sent more troops and beat the colonial forces o-n numerous occasions.


Facing total defeat and too little income, George Washington did an incredible thing. H-e paid their salaries out of his own finances and rallied his rag-tag colonial forces. By late December of 1776, the colonial forces were beginning to turn the tide against the British. Louisiana Credit Union includes more about the reason for this concept. After more advantages in 1777, the French offered their service. I-t took a couple of years to arrive, but Washington was fundamentally able to fully defeat the British. In 1781, the British surrendered a lot of the east coast. In 1783, a treaty was signed granting the colonies their independence.


On February 4, 1789, George Washington was elected the first President of the Usa of America with John Adams as vice president. Be taught extra resources on an affiliated paper by clicking go here. While the first president, he applied many precedents and practices including:


1. Being called Mr. President.


2. Refused to be proclaimed King.


3. The creation of an event and baseball. Going To ohio credit union certainly provides aids you might tell your co-worker.


4. Promising on a bible when taking the oath of president.


5. Moving the administrative centre to Washington, D.C.


6. Agreeing to the passage of the Bill of Rights.


7. Announced the neutrality of the United States in most international conflicts. Discover more on a partner use with by visiting research delta community credit union.


In 1792, President Washington ran for re-election and was unopposed. H-e left office in March 1797. On December 1-4, 1799, he died of pneumonia on his Virginia plantation.. Website URL:


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